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06 September 2009 @ 08:23 am
I haven't knit in MONTHS. Yes, months. Many months. I think it was mid-Spring when I finished my last pair of socks. Then I kinda lost my knitting mojo. I didn't feel like another tiny-needled project and I had nothing else I really wanted to make. I wasn't feeling up to a big project like a sweater. So I've been reading instead.

Now that the weather turned suddenly cool (seriously, September 1 came and it was Autumn) I think it's time to start up again. Probably a good idea since I'm planning on going to Stitches East in October. I should actually BE a knitter if I'm going to go to that. (aside: start saving yarn money now)

I probably should start with finishing my Mariah sweater. Yes, it was nearly FIVE years since I started that thing. FIVE. How pathetic is that??? Very. It's horribly close to being finished, it's partly seamed and all I've got left to knit is the collar. I'm not doing a hood because I have a Rogue with a hood and that bugs me. I'm just winging it with the collar, of course with the cable rib pattern from the cuffs. It's made me nervous to start, because I had just gotten past a big rip-out-and-redo session when I put that sweater down again for another hiatus.

How nice would it be to actually wear that thing? Oh yes, it would need a zipper sewn in too, which is a whole other barricade to my quest to finish that thing. Doable, yes, but is it something I really FEEL like spending time on? Probably not. Complainer.

The eldest daughter is requesting a scarf. I HATE knitting scarves. Too boring. But this one has an interesting stitch, either it'll keep me interested or make me insane. I might do that next. I've got to find appropriate yarn. Another challenge.

Maybe it's time to look in the stash bins for yarn and inspiration.