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30 July 2006 @ 07:55 am
Let's do a knitting update!  
It's been quite a while. Here's what I've been up to, which isn't much, considering:

- Larin's sock - I "finished" one of them yesterday, binding off during K's karate class after Larin tried them on and said she liked them short the way they are, as footie socks. OK, I did that, adding a cute picot bind-off which she likes. Turns out there isn't enough ribbing at the top to prevent the dreaded stockinette curl so the picots flare out the sides. She likes it that way. But she also wanted me to embroider a flower on each side of the sock. This was a request from long ago, and long unmentioned, until yesterday. There is no room on a short footie sock for an embroidered flower. So today I will rip out my picot bind-off, knit for maybe another inch and go from there. It's a good thing I had the foresight not to cut my yarn after I bound off. Sometimes I am a smart girl.

- The endless River stole - It's mom's birthday at the end of August and she is coming to visit the last week of said month, so it MUST be done. I started this in the Spring of '05, I will be really, really happy to get it off the needles and gift it away. I put this project on knitting hiatus more than anything else, I think. In the beginning it took a lot of concentration, being my first lace project, and it had the tendency to fuck with my brain and make me screw it up. Now, I am in the groove and can knit it well and at a decent pace so it's going faster. Only I'm adding probably 5 repeats to make it longer. I went down a couple of needle sizes so it is shorter than it should be so I'm compensating. I just hope I don't get impatient and make it too short. It is kinda hard to tell how big I can make it with blocking.

- i-cord bag handle - I'm trying to be funny by listing this as a project. I have an almost-finished felted bag that is lacking a handle. I had to go see Garfield 2 with the kids and since I can't knit River in the dark and the last time I tried to knit socks on slippery Addi's at the movies it was a disaster, I started the i-cord strap. It kept me entertained during a bad movie and it's my thing to pick up when I don't want to think but my hands want to be busy. I'm attempting to make a twisted cord type of a strap.

I have 2 sweaters on the ignore list:
- Brown Manos - I'm embarrassed that I haven't finished my Manos sweater. It's knit, it's seamed, it's lacking a button band on either side of the cardigan opening. The sleeves are also too long and one of these days I'm going to unravel it from the bottom, to avoid ripping out the sleeve caps to shorten them. Maybe when the weather gets a bit cooler. I can't stand a pile of hot wool in the summer, especially when it's been 90 degrees and humid. Even with air conditioning I'm not going there.

- Mariah - I haven't touched this since summer started, with good reason: hot, cabled wool. I'm at the top of the sleeves, modifying them as I go to fit my short, stubby arms. The body pieces are ready to be joined with said sleeves and then it's on to the yoke. I really love this sweater so far. I'm a bit scared I am going to fuck up the sleeve increases at the top because I stress about stuff like that even though frogging cables isn't all that bad. I'll dive back into this when the heat goes away. I also think I'm going to nix the hood on it because as much as I love my Rogue, I can't easily wear it under my winter coat since the hood is always bulky and in the way. I don't like the Mariah neckline as it is in the pattern, I think it would work better with a collar instead.