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18 June 2006 @ 09:45 pm
The Wyvern socks are done!  
I love the excitement of a new project, it motivates me to finish projects that have otherwise been dragging on forever. I finished my Wyvern socks today, largely because I put up our little pool today and the girls spent most of the afternoon playing in it. Knitting is perfect for when I need to be there, watching them in the pool. I can still keep my eyes on them while keeping my hands busy and then I don't get bored. They'll happily play in the pool all day, while I'll happily knit all day :-)

I am going to cast on for Larin's socks. That means I have to decide what I'm doing :-) I think I'm going to do toe-up socks for her, I'm trying to decide if I should do a simple pattern or just keep them plain. I'm knitting them with Lorna's Laces in a colorway that is just turquoise and purple. I think with only 2 colors in the mix and with the small size of the sock it is going to knit up with stripes thicker than what I'm used to with Lorna's Laces that have several different colors going on. Patterns tend to get lost in variegated yarns but I also don't want to do something like a Jaywalker sock that looks cool with a variegated yarn because it's not stretchy enough for a growing girl's sock. If I weren't so damn indecisive I'd get more knitting done I bet.

I've been knitting this silly little cotton towel which will be used to dry dishes on. Mainly to stash-bust but also because I kinda wanted to and it was something to do that I didn't have to really think about. I was using the stitch pattern from the My So Called Scarf pattern. But I don't love it. I don't love knitting with cotton and I don't love the stitch pattern because I have to purl two together repeatedly and I don't love doing that.

When I took this finishing class in April, Susanna Hansson taught us to only knit what you love. She said that you could be working on this project that you've come to hate, it was something you thought you'd like but then you didn't like the pattern, you didn't like the color, you didn't like the yarn, whatever. But you felt obligated to finish it, since you picked it and started it, so you trudge through, hating it all the way while the project you love is sitting in your knitting basket, waiting patiently. But then, you die, and your family finds your unfinished, hated project. They don't know you hated it, so they take that project, and they feel obligated to finish it for you, and wear it, because you died before you had a chance to. Then you're remembered by a project you hated, and the beautiful yarn waiting patiently in your basket gets donated to charity.

I thought of that when I saw my stupid cotton towel project today. I don't love it and it's a waste of my time so I'm going to toss it and buy a towel instead. Then I will cast-on for Larin's socks. I'd work on my mom's River stole but it's way too frigging hot and humid for that. It's gotten on the big side since I'm more than halfway done and I'm not interested in having a pile of mohair on my lap in this weather.
leopard_doll on June 19th, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC)
My grandmom recently gave me her old knitting basket which contained a ton of needles and stitch markers and stuff for me, plus an unfinished baby blanket. I thought I'd be a sweet, appreciative granddaughter, and offered to finish the blanket for her, since she no longer has a desire to knit. She said "Oh please don't, I hated that thing!"
tinetinystrings on June 19th, 2006 02:54 pm (UTC)
See, I knew Susanna was right! I think if I live by that I will be a much happier knitter!